Cake Pops Galore!!! 

So I have had so much fun the last couple weeks with cake orders! Seems to be the thing to get during the summer is Cake Pops!! 

I really like doing kids birthdays especially when the kids get excited about the theme!! It makes the delivery of the Pops or cake to the kids sooooo much fun!!! Their eyes light up! They beg to have some that minute! Their excitement is contagious!! 

The process is long: it starts with baking full cakes, smashing them/mixing with frosting (just the right amount or they will either crumble or smoosh!) shaping them into balls, cooling them, melting chocolate, dipping them/redipping/sealing any cracks or imperfections!….. THEN COMES THE TRICKY PART! If you have gotten this part, unfortunately it’s not getting easier…. decorations usually need to be added before the chocolate solidifies/ or with chocolate to attatch after /or piped on after the coating is flawless! 

 I also sometimes added royal icing and/or formed chocolate decorations!  

A true labor of love! For a dozen cake pops I usually give a bulk discount… where most Pops individually would be around $3-$4 a piece (I have seen them for more)!  

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the creation of cakepops, and some recent finished products! 

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