Third Birthday and apprentice❤️

So my little princess turned 3! I have always wanted to do a princess cake, so right now she is the perfect age for it…. however only being 3 didn’t want this cake to be the most amazing cake ever yet! *dont want to peak too soon 😂😜 

So the plan, Big brother will help!!! He loved every minute! From flouring and prepping the pans, to mixing and choosing colors, using frosting/melted chocolate/Sprinkles and helping with his sisters “surprise” cake!!! 

Although he let the “surprise” slip his eye and suggestions and touches really made the cake pop!!! He told her it was a castle and she told him she wanted “Rupunzels castle?!” So we added the princess… He also thought it was “too pink and purple it needs some green”! So he mixed up some green (his fingers are still stained!) and we made vines! 

When asked at the table if it took a long time…. he said “Yeah it took TWO DAYS!” It also had to be done during nap times!

Enjoy this true labor of love for me in SOOOOO many ways! 

After a lot of practice and hand over hand doing…. first time flying solo! PROUD MOMMA MOMENT 🙌🏻🙌🏻 

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