Lots of projects so little time! 

My favorite event for the summer was my sisters BABY SHOWER!!! I have never made things for my family (my dad’s gotten one bday cake) and I took this opportunity to spoil my sister with sweets!

Oh and I wanted to show you that transporting these items is far from easy glamorous or non stressful 😬❤️ but this time I think I made it look pretty good 😂
A fun pink baby shower where the cake was also the name reveal! So excited for you friend for your new baby! ❤️ 

Cake balls are apple spice cake 

The cake is a vanilla cake with homemade lemon curd filling! 

I did cookies for a friend’s daughters birthday!!! She had a Dinosaur themed tea party that was amazing! ❤️
One of my great friends daughters had a puppy theme adoption birthday party!! These were the 3 cakes I made for the girls ❤️

Carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting for my month order! Yummy yummy * the designs are fun little royal icing creations I made ahead of time!! 

A birthday treat for a special momma! Chocolate with white chocolate pepermint, and chocolate with sea salt! A yummy fun surprise!

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