Take me to the moon…

So when your little man see you making cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for other people’s birthdays he has big dreams for his own!!! He really wanted to go onto my phone to look at all different cake pictures (the Internet 😜) and pick out which cake he wanted! 

Well after about 20 minutes of that I realized if I didn’t say something I was going to have to spend days on this gigantic life size replica of a space ship that should probably shot real fire! So I led him to cake pops, know his “party” was a play date in the park! 

So he found a picture of a rocket ship cake pop and wanted different colors… We drew out a sketch first and then talked flavors and supplies! It was a fun project and they came out super cute!!! Birthday boy was very happy with them ❤️ 

Mom you need to make planets and earth so they can go back home!

Our drawing and his color choices

When finding supplies the little blue and green chocolate balls just HAD to be used!

Mom now can I have one? How about now? Now?  

Happy birthday buddy! 

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