What are sometimes hard to make but delicious to eat? BALLS

What can I use my left over (good not the hard crunchy edges) cake trimmings for?   BALLS
What do I usually say I can bring to a party?  BALLS

What goes great with a bag of tea? BALLS

What do I make that is chocolate and salty? BALLS

What have I tried to rename as”cake truffles” to sound more fancy but it’s way funnier to just say Balls? BALLS

OK…. So in all seriousness, cake balls, cake truffles, gooey, yummy and melt in your mouth treats of deliciousness are what my post is about today! 

If you have vanilla or chocolate cake leftovers and trimmings and have frozen them you can make cake balls! Some may think they are just dough, however they are fully cooked cake that has been smashed and mashed with a bit of frosting and rolled then dipped in melted chocolate (typically) 

I have also experimented with gram crackers, saltines and pretzels! All great additions with the sweet and salty notes! Flavoring can also come from the type of frosting you add or a bit of extract! 

The one problem you can run into (besides not listening to your sister who makes these for a living and try a cool way you found and then call her frustrated 😜 love u sis you should listen to me!)….. Is adding too much frosting with your cake! I prefer to use my food processor and then kneed it like its  play dough (that’s the consitancy you are going for!). Sometimes especially after you have frozen your cake  it has extra moisture and will only need a couple teaspoons! 

This particular girls night I wanted to try out other things to dip/roll in! My dough was a bit stickier so I could try it and I skipped chilling before dipping so it worked out really well! I used sliced almonds that I smashed, nonpareils, and mini marshmallows ground down! Delicious! A lighter option than full chocolate coatings! 


Vanilla balls rolled in almonds (next time will toast the almonds to add even more flavor!) 


Lemon balls rolled in nonpareils! Yum


The batter is chocolate cake and roughly crushed graham cracker


Mallow bits, grind them up! 


Oh boy these were DELICIOUS!!! 


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